Zhe Wang

tale #01

- Chapter 1

a long time ago, in the Mountain East
there was a clear fountainhead
a guy called Zhe, farmed hundreds acres of land there
he was farming everyday in the mountain
to feed all his friends
all the friends, they drank tea in the garden and did nothing
Zhe felt tired, but nothing changed
one day, a big flood came
all the crop was ruined
Zhe cried. "Why the God doesn’t love me!"

⁃ Chapter 2

Zhe went to the witch, asking for help
Witch told Zhe to go to the Mountain West
there was a yellow Monster
then Zhe fed it with liquorice. it turned into a blue Monster
the Monster ate Zhe
but Zhe wasn’t dead, instead he became a immortal
Zhe rode the Monster and went back to the Mountain East
all the friends were standing still and shocked
they hadn’t eaten for days and all got thin a lot. even their faces were concave

one said, "if you are still not back, we will all be dead!"
Zhe said, "there will be a big explosion in Universe
the sun will meet the moon and there will be an eye in the sky
after a storm comes a calm"

⁃ Chapter 3

one day after
what Zhe said all came true

everything was back to nice again

all the friends were very happy and drank tea again in the garden

Zhe rode on the Monster, left the Mountain East to the Mountain West
held a banquet with 800 people. so the Mountain West stood out to the Gods

then 6 Celestial Beasts came, offered Zhe their meat
Zhe gave the meat to all the people and they all became immortals, too

which called the 800 Saints

⁃ Chapter 4

Zhe rode the Monster, flew to the sky
all people said, "it can not be true!"
then ruined Zhe’s farm and drank tea in the garden



 tale #02

There was a guy called Zhe               He lived in the North of the Mountain

He loved farming and worked everyday in the Valley
He had a Pig               He raised it as food

One day The Pig disappeared

Zhe looked for it

He went into a Cave with a torch
The Cave was huge             
Zhe walked along the whole day            He did not find the way out

He heard the Pig             He had not seen it

The Cave was magnificent                There was stream over all

There was pure jade over all            There were stars over the top 

The shape of the stars showed an animal               It was the Pig

Zhe went out of the Cave

He came to the Witch               The Witch told him

The Pig was your ancestor

There was an Immortal long time ago in the Cave

The Pig came to the Cave             It had flowers in its mouth

The Immortal was glad                He helped the Pig became to a human being

You should not eat it             You bring it flowers

It will become an Immortal

Zhe brought flowers to the Cave             The Pig came out

The Pig turned into bright stars               They flew into the sky

Zhe was happy                He went back to the Valley
All the crop turned into human beings

the works of Zhe Wang  

王哲 作品