Zhe Wang

U.O.02 series

paint on photos



paint on photos


Come On!

Oil on Canvas,200*600cm

Acryl on Canvas, 200*300cm


Stars Late at Night, 2010, 38*44cm, Oil on Canvas

Stars Late at Night, 2010, 38*44cm, Oil on Canvas

Monsters in My Haert

Oil on Canvas


Many, many monsters are living in my heart. I am not sure who is attractive, them or me, but they just long for that land in my heart. Monsters come and perish in an unconscious way, but maintain a stable amount, just the right amount to live in my heart. 

I am an introvert. I never show initiative to talk to my monsters. However, after a long time spent together, I realize that they are quite adorable and gradually become friends with some of them. Knowing I love paiting, a host of them ask me to paint something for them to decorate my heart. It is a good idea as I never know when thay would suddenly leave me. These paintings are then created in memory of our elusive friendship.

the works of Zhe Wang  

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