Zhe Wang

Zhe Wang

1988 born in Jiangsu,China


2017-2018 Meisterschuelerin with Prof.Rosa Barba, University of the Arts Bremen,Germany

2016 Erasmus Exchange, study with Prof.Caspar Stracke, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland

2013-2017 Diplom.F.A.,Fine Arts with Prof.Rosa Barba,University of the Arts Bremen,Germany

2012-2013 B.F.A.,Fine Arts with Prof.Michael Dörner,University of applied sciences and arts in Ottersberg,Germany

2007-2011 B.F.A.,Fine Arts,Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,Chongqing,China

Solo Exhibition

Apr.2016 "Talk to Me", Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki, Finland

Dec.2015 "The Album Release", Galerie Flut, Bremen, Germany

Selected Exhibition

May.2016 "Art and Spirituality", Tasku Galleria(Kuva), Helsinki, Finland

Feb.2016 "Heavy Listening-Schwer Hören", Galerie Herold, Bremen, Germany

Jun.2015 "I AM DANCING IN YOUR CLOTHES",Ueberseestadt,Bremen,Germany

Dec.2014 "Exhibition 04",CAEA art space,Chongqing,China

Nov.2014 "Exhibition 03",Immigration Office,Bremen,Germany

May.2014 "One Night Stand (with Zhe Wang)",Immigration Office,Bremen,Germany

May.2014 "Exhibition 01",Immigration Office,Bremen,Germany

Nov.2012 "Das Selbst Im Bild",hks-Ottersberg,Germany


"uo", 2015

"t01", 2014


Feb.2014-*** "Immigration Office":

space managing,curating,publishing,being "artist as curator", creating with "Immigration Office" Group 

the works of Zhe Wang  

王哲 作品